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Cryptocurrency Prices in India Today: Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Ethereum Witness Slight Slip

Cryptocurrency Prices in India Today: Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Ethereum Witness Slight Slip
that there are over 350,000 Bitcoin transactions daily, a research report had recently claimed
Cryptocurrency prices in India today: Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Ethereum witness slight slippage

Bitcoin is trading below Rs 37 lakhs in India after price drops.
  • Bitcoin has been witnessing dip in exchange values since last week
  • Dogecoin, that had raised in value last week, has gone down by over 5%
  • Ethereum value has also remained on a slip since last week in India
Crypto prices have slipped a little over the weekend, with Dogecoin, Bitcoin, and Ether all down. An announcement that Walmart would be accepting Litecoin, which turned out to be fake, created a lot of confusion, and hurt the prices of different coins. 

Bitcoin prices still held above $45,000 at the time of writing, and more experts are predicting a big upswing for it over the remaining months of 2021. If that happens, the rest of the market will likely be buoyed along as well, as we saw at the start of the year.

The value of Bitcoin on Monday slipped by 3.35 percent in India. The crypto currency is trading at Rs. 36,44,325. Previously, the currency had closed trading at Rs. 37,70,785 indicating that in the last 24 hours, Bitcoin has shrunken substantially with a fresh value difference of over Rs. 1 lakh, as per the Gadgets 360 Bitcoin Price History tracker.

Ethereum, that is currently valued at Rs. 2,56,011, has also witnessed a slip of 4.82 percent. The crypto currency had closed at Rs 2,68,975 – and has gone down in value by over Rs. 12,000.

And Dogecoin, that was riding on the value of Rs. 20 last week, has again slipped down significantly by 5.76 percent. The Elon Musk-supported crypto currency is priced at Rs 17.86 in India as we write this.

On the other hand, crypto currencies like Tether and USD Coin have gained value by 1 percent each and are trading at Rs. 79.89 each as well.

Cryptocurrency trading and transactions are picking momentum around the world, despite anti-crypto voices questioning the legibility of these digital currencies. Last week, the President of the European Central bank, Christine Lagarde had said that she does not consider cryptocurrencies as real.

Statistics platform CompareCamp on the other hand has recently reported that there are over 350,000 Bitcoin transactions daily, with an average of 14,904 every hour, or four transactions per second.
Source -Cryptocurrency Prices in India Today: Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Ethereum Witness Slight Slip
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