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Cryptocurrencies ‘Suspicious and Speculative’, Says President of European Central Bank

There are over 350,000 Bitcoin transactions daily, report by research firm CompareCamp claims
There are over 350,000 Bitcoin transactions daily, report by research firm CompareCamp claims
'Suspicious and speculative' cryptocurrencies, says European Central Bank president

Mostly decentralized cryptocurrency transactions have found themselves on the receiving end of criticism from the president of the European Central Bank.
  • Christine Lagarde, the European Central Bank President is anti-crypto
  • Lagarde believes digital currencies are not as credible as real money
  • Russia and China are among several countries where crypto is banned
Christine Lagarde, the President of European Central Bank has termed cryptocurrencies as “highly speculative and suspicious” as she dismissed their credibility, according to reports. The top leader of the Frankfurt, Germany-based bank spoke against the up-and-coming digital currencies while revealing her thoughts on if cryptos would prove to be beneficial for the global economy in the future. Lagarde's views on cryptocurrencies resonate those of several other central banks in the world. She also noted that crypto transactions consume high amounts of energy, and also said that cyrptocurrencies are not real currencies.
The statement by Lagarde, as reported by TechStory on Friday, comes at a time crypto trading has begun to pick pace around the world. Statistics platform CompareCamp reported that there are over 350,000 Bitcoin transactions daily, with an average of 14,904 every hour, or four transactions per second.

Lately, criticism of cryptocurrencies has heated up from countries like Russia and China. Governments of many countries like China, Russia, Morocco, and Bolivia among others have expressed concerns over the international transfers of these untraceable cryptocurrencies for notorious purposes that could pose danger to national safety.

Despite a recent report indicating growth in India, the future of cryptocurrencies remains uncertain in the country. Its government bill to the Parliament proposing a ban on digital currencies has been delayed. It was due in March 2021.
While over 150 countries including the UK, the US, India, and Canada allow crypto transactions and trading, Lagarde has slammed the companies that are pushing the adoption of cryptocurrencies.
Source -Cryptocurrencies ‘Suspicious and Speculative’, Says President of European Central Bank
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